Move Pictures / Videos to Device - LG Octane™

This helps you move or transfer picture/video files between your device and a computer/PC.

El dispositivo debe tener una tarjeta de memoria y estar conectado a la PC a través de un cable USB para poder utilizar esta función.


precaución Only DRM free / unprotected video can be transferred via this method. DRM protected content won't play on this device.

Picture/video files can also be transferir del dispositivo a una computadora.

  1. Conecta el dispositivo a una computadora usando el cable USB provisto.
  2. From the phone, ensure USB Mass Storage Mode is enabled.
    1. From the main screen, navigate: MENU > Settings & Tools > Tools > USB Mode.
      Nota Utiliza el dispositivo de navegación de 5 direcciones para resaltar y el botón OK para marcar tu selección.
    2. Select USB Mass Storage.
    3. From the computer, launch File Explorer or Windows Explorer.
      Nota For Windows Explorer, press the Windows+E keys (logo de la tecla windows+E) using the computer keyboard.
      Nota For Finder, click the Finder icon located on the dock.
    4. From File Explorer or Windows Explorer on the computer, create a new folder in the desired location.
    5. Use the computer to copy picture/video files into the newly created folder.
    6. To further organize files, create a subfolder in the newly created folder and copy desired files into it.
    7. Desconecta el cable USB de la computadora.