GizmoHub App - Apple® iPhone® - Configure Settings

Nota Notas:

  • Ensure your GizmoHub app is actualizado to the most recent version.
  • For more info on the GizmoHub 3.0 app, refer to GizmoHub FAQ's.


  1. Tap the GizmoHub icon GizmoHub icon.
  2. Tap Gizmo card (lower-right).
    battery level
  3. Configura los siguientes ajustes:


Nivel de batería

View the battery level of the Gizmo.
view gizmo device battery




Quiet Time

  1. To set up Quiet mode, tap to turn on Ícono Activar o desactivar desactivar.
  2. Tap Add Quiet Time to select time and day that Gizmo is going to be quiet.
    Set quiet time on app
  3. Set the preferred time and days, tap Save.
    set quiet time




Auto-answer Calls

Tap Auto-answer Calls to turn on activar o desactivar off icon.
Turn auto answer call on or off





  1. Tap Ringtone select preferred ringtone.
    Tap to change ringtone
  2. Tap your selection and tap SAVE.
    select ringtone




Touch Sound

Tap Touch Sound to play a sound when the Gizmo screen is touched.
touch sound icon





Tap Volume to switch between Low Volume off icon or High Volume Ícono Activar.




Sonidos divertidos

  1. Tap Fun Sounds to choose the following sounds:
    Nota Fun sounds allows you to change the sound that plays on GizmoPal when a character is tapped.
    • No fun sound
    • Gizmo Talk
    • Gizmo Travel




Assigned to

View Assigned to see who is wearing this gadget.
tap to see who is assigned to gadget




Acerca de

  1. In the 'About' section view:
    • Gizmo's Mobile Number
    • Gizmo Software Verizon
    • Gizmo Model Number
  2. Tap Check Software Update to make sure your gadget is up to date.
    check here to see about settings and check for software update




Turn off the Gizmo or Delete Gizmo

  1. Tap the Turn off this Gizmo switch to turn off off icon.
  2. Tap Delete Gizmo.
    turn off gadget or delete gadget