Activate / Set Up Device - Samsung Galaxy Gear™ S

Nota Using your Samsung Gear S watch on the Verizon network without a companion Samsung smartphone requires an optional Connected Device subscription. You can add this to an existing line, or add a new line to your account through My Verizon. Mira este Activa tu dispositivo video for more info.

Nota This device can be used in one of two ways:

  • Bluetooth Only Mode(Bluetooth Companion) - The primary mode used when the Gear S is connected to a compatible Android phone via Bluetooth. Follow steps 1-8 below.
  • Bluetooth and 3G Mode (Remote Companion Mode) - Used when the Gear S is out of a compatible Samsung smartphone's Bluetooth range (e.g., while jogging) and needs a Connected Device subscription. Follow all steps below.

  1. Download and install the Galaxy Wearable app on the Android device.
  2. Asegúrate de que Gear S esté cargado y encendido.
  3. From the Available Devices section of the Galaxy Wearable app on the Android device, tap Gear S.
  4. When prompted with a Bluetooth pairing request on the Android device, tap OK.
  5. From the pairing request on the Gear S, tap Next.
  6. Cuando el proceso de conexión se haya completado, en la pantalla Legal notices del dispositivo Android:
    1. After reviewing the End User License Agreement, ensure I agree is checked then tap Next.
    2. Ensure that I understand and agree to ALL of the above is checked then tap Finish.
      Nota Puedes aceptar todos o ninguno de los servicios (por ejemplo, S Voice, Samsung keyboard, etc.); sin embargo, si aceptas todos los servicios de Samsung, tu experiencia con Gear mejorará.
  7. If desired, tap Reactivation Lock then tap Next.
  8. Sign into your Samsung Account.
    Nota If you do not have a Samsung Account, tap Create new account, provide the required info, then tap Continue.
  9. To enable use in Remote Companion mode, tap Activate.
    Nota If Activate is not available, dial *228 then press Talk Nota.
    Nota To only use Bluetooth Companion mode, tap X , tap OK then skip the remaining steps.
  10. When prompted, tap 1 to active the device.
  11. From the Successfully programmed screen, tap Restart.