Verizon Jetpack® 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi® 6620L - Turn SSID Broadcast On / Off

To broadcast or not broadcast your Wi-Fi name to other devices, view this info.

Nota Notas:

  • Every wireless access point (e.g., router, hotspot) has a network name or SSID (Service Set Identifier) assigned to it.
  • While the SSID is typically broadcast by default, it can be turned off for greater security.
  • When turned off, any device attempting to connect for the first time must know the SSID name and password to set up a manual connection to it.
    Nota For the easiest connection experience, it's recommended to leave broadcast on.

  1. Accede a la Admin Web Interface.
  2. En el menú de la izquierda, haz clic en Jetpack Settings.
  3. From the Wi-Fi tab, click Wi-Fi Options.
  4. From Wi-Fi Options, tap Broadcast Wi-Fi Name (SSID) to turn on or off.
    Nota On (broadcasting) when a check mark is present.
  5. Click Save Changes (at the lower-right).