Email Account Sync Frequency Settings - Brigadier™ by Kyocera

To adjust the sync frequency settings for your personal email, view this info.

Nota Las configuraciones pueden variar según el tipo de cuenta de email.

  1. Desde una pantalla de inicio, ve a: Apps Ícono de la aplicación > Settings.
  2. From the Personal section, tap Accounts.
  3. Oprime Email.
  4. Tap Account settings.
  5. From the Data usage section, edit any of the following:
    Nota Para editar, oprime la opción y luego selecciona la configuración deseada
    • Sync frequency
      • Automatic (Push)
      • Never
      • Every 5 minutes
      • Every 10 minutes
      • Every 15 minutes
      • Every 30 minutes
      • Every hour
    • Days to sync
      • Last day
      • Last three days
      • Last week
      • Last two weeks
      • Last month
      • All
    • Roaming auto-retrieve.
      Nota Tap the switch to turn on Switch on indicator o desactivar Switch off indicator.
      Nota Global data roaming access must be capacitado to configure this setting.


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