Push to Talk Plus Contact Management Tool - Manage Templates

  1. Log into the Push to Talk admin page via MYBIZ o Centro empresarial de Verizon en internet.
  2. From the Account Maintenance tab, click Custom Applications.
    Custom Applications link
  3. Click Access Push to Talk.
    Access Push to Talk
  4. Click the Templates tab.
    Nota Search, Create & Apply (Templates) are the available options.
    Templates tab
  5. Click a template link to view details and to perform the following action(s) as appropriate:
    • Click a name to change the name.
    • Click Add Contacts, select the contacts then click Done.
    • Click Add Sub List(s), select the sub list(s) then click Submit.
    • Click Add Group(s), select the group(s) then click Submit.
    • Click Remove Selected to remove the selected options.
      Templates details