Email Account Common Settings - The new Moto X™

To configure common settings for your personal email account (e.g., account name, etc.), follow these steps.

  1. En la pantalla de inicio, oprime Apps Ícono de la aplicación (ubicado en la parte inferior).
  2. Tap Settings Ícono Settings.
  3. From the Personal section, tap Accounts Ícono Accounts.
  4. Tap Email Ícono de Email.
  5. Tap Account settings.
  6. Tap the appropriate email address (located below "Accounts").
    Nota Pueden aparecer múltiples cuentas.
  7. Tap Account name.
  8. Enter or edit the name then tap OK.
  9. Tap Your name.
  10. Enter or edit the name then tap OK.
  11. Tap Quick responses to enter or edit frequently used email text.


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