Set Up Corporate Email (Exchange ActiveSync®) - HTC One® (M8) for Windows®

Nota For all advanced-level configuration and troubleshooting, contact your Exchange / IT admin for assistance.

  1. En la pantalla de inicio, desplázate hacia la izquierda para ver la lista de aplicaciones.
    Nota Alternatively, tap All apps Ícono de flecha derecha (lower-right; may require scrolling to the bottom of the Start screen).
  2. Oprime Configuración.
  3. Tap email + accounts.
  4. Tap add an account.
  5. Tap Exchange.
  6. Enter your coporate email address and password then tap sign in.
     Nota If setup is unsuccessful, tap advanced.
  7. If needed, engage your Exchange / IT admin for additional support on:
    • Email address
    • Server address
    • Domain
    • Port number
    • Username
    • Password
    • Activate device administration
      • To apply corporate security policy (e.g., Set up password, Device encryption).
        Nota Device encryption can exceed 60 minutes
    • Sync options (e.g., Email, Contacts, Calendar)


Tema: Remove Corporate Email Account