Descargar e instalar la aplicación Content Transfer - Smartphone Android™

  1. While in the Google Play Store, tap the Search field (at the top) then enter verizon content transfer.
    Enter Verizon Content Transfer
  2. Tap verizon content transfer app.
    Tap Verizon Content Transfer App
  3. Toca Install.
    Oprime Install
  4. Oprime Open.
    Oprime Open
  5. Tap Allow to agree to the following request:
    Nota All permissions must be granted in order to use this app.
    • Allow access to photos, media and files
    • Allow access to contacts
    • Allow access to send and view SMS messages
    • Allow access to make and manage phone calls
    • Allow access to the device's location
    • Allow access to the calendar
    • Allow access to take pictures and record video
    Tap Allow
  6. To continue, read the Terms and Conditions then tap Start transfer.
    Oprime Start Transfer


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