LG G3 - Set Up Corporate Email (Exchange ActiveSync®)

Nota Notas:

  • The following is provided for informational purposes only. Verizon verifies access to data services only, which can be checked by viewing a sitio Web.
  • For all advanced-level configuration and troubleshooting, contact your Exchange / IT admin for assistance.


  1. From the Home screen, navigate: Apps icon Ícono de la aplicación > Settings > Accounts.
  3. Oprime Microsoft Exchange.
  4. Enter your corporate email address and password then tap NEXT.
    Nota If setup is unsuccessful, tap Manual setup.
  5. If presented, ensure that the appropriate info is entered into the following fields then tap NEXT (located in the lower-right):
    • Email address
    • Server address
    • Domain
    • Port number
    • Username
    • Password
  6. If presented with an "Activate device administrator" screen, tap Activate.
  7. Configure the account settings (e.g., Days to sync Email, Update schedule, etc.) as necessary then tap NEXT.
  8. If desired, enter an account name then tap Done.
  9. En la pantalla de inicio, ve a: Apps icon > Settings > Email.
  10. Set up the device password per Exchange policy.
  11. If presented, Tap YES to encrypt phone.
    Nota La codificación del dispositivo puede exceder los 60 minutos.


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