Push to Talk Plus - Send / Receive Instant Personal Alerts

Nota Notas:

  • Ensure the PTT+ app has been updated to the most recent version for Android™ o iOS.
  • An Instant Personal Alert (IPA) is a call alert that can only be sent to another PTT+ contact who's on the same Verizon network as the sender (only 4G LTE to 4G LTE IPAs are available).


Send an Alert

Precaución An Instant Personal Alert (IPA) can only be sent when the sender's presence status is 'Available'.

  1. Ensure alerts are capacitado.
  2. From a Home screen, tap the Push To Talk+ app or navigate: Apps > Push To Talk+.
  3. Desde la pestaña Contacts, selecciona el contacto apropiado.
    Nota Alerts can be sent only to individual contacts, not groups.
    Pestaña Contacts
  4. From the Ready screen, tap the Alert icon Send Instant Personal Alert icon to send the alert.
    Nota A message 'Sending Instant Personal Alert, please wait...' indicates the alert was delivered successfully, but doesn't mean it was received.
    Push to Talk Plus call ready screen


Receive an Alert

When receiving an IPA or Missed Call Alert (from the Alert message), do one of the following:

  • Tap Reply to make a PTT+ call from the Ready screen.
  • Tap Not Now to dismiss the alert.


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