Push to Talk Plus - Create a Group

Nota Notas:

  • Ensure the PTT+ app has been updated to the most recent version for Android™ o iOS.
  • Contact your corporate admin if you're unable to create a personal group.
  • With Group Advanced Feature, you can:
    • have a group size up to 3000 members.
    • create location-based temporary groups.


  1. From a Home screen, tap the Push To Talk+ Ícono de PTT app or navigate: Apps > Push To Talk+.
  2. From the Groups tab, tap the Add icon Add item icon.
    Push to Talk Plus group call ready screen
  3. From New Group, do any of the following then tap the Save icon Ícono Done:
    Nota A group name and a single member are the items required to save a group.
    Groups add screen
    • Para editar el nombre del grupo:
      1. Tap the Name field.
      2. Ingresa el nombre adecuado.
    • Para agregar miembros al grupo:
      1. Tap Add Member(s).
      2. Selecciona los contactos que corresponda.
        Nota Seleccionado cuando haya una marca de verificación.
      3. Tap the Save icon Ícono Done.
    • Para eliminar miembros del grupo:
      1. Tap and hold the appropriate group member.
      2. Tap Remove Member.
      3. From the Confirm prompt, tap Yes.
        Nota Repite los pasos 2 y 3 según sea necesario para eliminar miembros adicionales.
    • Para editar el color del grupo:
      • Tap Color then select a color from the list.
    • Para editar el avatar del grupo:
      • Tap the Default icon (in the upper left) then select an avatar from the list.
        Nota Alternately, tap the Camera or Gallery icons to take or select a photo to use as an avatar.
      Group details icon options


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