Manage Alerts / Notifications - HTC One® remix

View this info to change the notification sound for incoming calls and/or messages.

  1. From a home screen, tap Apps Ícono de la aplicación (ubicado en la parte inferior).
  2. Oprime Settings.
    Nota If unavailable, tap the dropdown menu Ícono del menú desplegable de las aplicaciones (located in the upper left) then tap Alphabetical. If still unavailable, refer to Administrar íconos de aplicaciones.
  3. From the DEVICE section, tap Sound.
    Nota The Sound profile option (at top of the screen) must be set to Normal to modify ringtone/notification/alarm selections.
  4. Tap Ringtone.
  5. Tap a ringtone then tap APPLY.
  6. From the NOTIFICATIONS & ALARMS section, tap Notification sound.
  7. Tap a notification sound then tap APPLY.
  8. Tap Alarm.
  9. Tap an alarm sound then tap APPLY.