Software Upgrade Assistant (LG) - Software Update

This helps you update your LG device software using your computer if an Over-the-Air (OTA) software update fails.

Nota Notas:

  • Asegúrate de que el dispositivo móvil esté encendido, luego conéctalo a una computadora compatible usando el cable USB provisto.
  • The most recent software version becomes available on the SUA / SRA tool within a week of a new software update. During this time, the SUA/SRA is unavailable for usage.

Precaución El proceso de actualización de software puede demorar hasta 30-90 minutos. No desconectes el dispositivo de la computadora durante el proceso de reparación.

  1. Ensure the Software Upgrade Assistant (SUA) is already installed on your computer.
    Nota Consulta Configuración inicial - Software Upgrade Assistant for help installing.
    Nota If the software doesn't download from your device after plugging into your computer, download from LG's website (enter your device name then choose your specific Verizon device model).
    1. After entering your device model, click the Instructions link.
    2. Click the Software Instructions link (located on the right-side of the page).
    3. Click the Software Update Tool link.
    4. Choose your operating system and connect your device to the computer.
    5. Tap Run to load the software directly to the device or tap Save to download the software update to your computer for a later installation.
  2. From the desktop, click the VZW Software Upgrade Assistant icon ícono de Software Upgrade Assistant de VZW located in the task bar (next to the date and time).
    Nota If not available on a Windows computer, navigate: Start > All Programs > Verizon > Verizon Wireless Software Upgrade Assistant.
    Nota Allow up to 1 minute for the app to launch and check device info.
  3. Ensure the wireless device is powered on then connect it to the computer via USB cable, choose File Transfer as the USB mode then click NEXT.
    Plug Phone into PC with USB Cable
  4. As soon as the device is recognized (may take a few minutes), click NEXT.
    Check Connection and Tap Next
  5. The system checks for updates and prompts you to click START UPDATE if one is available.
    Nota Downloading the update can take from 30-60 minutes and installing the update can take an additional 30-60 minutes.
    Click Start Update
  6. After the update has completed, click FINISH.
    Nota If the update fails to install, please refer to the Software Repair Assistant para más información.
    Precaución Do not disconnect or power off the device until the Status indicator displays "Update Successful".
    Haz clic en Finish