Preguntas frecuentes sobre filtros de contenido

Verizon is committed to providing tools and resources that help families use technology safely and responsibly. Through a partnership with Mobicip, a leader in content filtering technology, Verizon customers now have access to enhanced  content filtering tools that work on any device (smartphones, tablets and computers), which help children make positive digital choices every time they access content on the internet. 

Información general

  1. What is the Mobicip Safe Browser?

    The Mobicip (pronounced mo-be-sip) Safe Browser replaces the default browser on your child’s device, enabling parents to block  website content on smartphones, tablets and computers.

    You can choose between the Basic (free) or Premium versions.

    Basic version includes:

    • Pre-defined filtering levels
    • Unlimited internet usage
    • Advanced content filtering
    • Safe Browser App (iOS® & Android™)
    • Browser protection (Windows®, Mac® and Chromebook)

    Premium version includes (in addition to all of the Basic version features):

    • Protection for up to 5 devices for $39.99/year
    • Online management
    • Management via mobile app
    • Access to requests
    • App monitoring
    • Browsing history reports
    • Settings for time limits, accountability mode and custom filters
    • Bring Your Own Device support

    Note: The Mobicip Premium version is a pay-as-you-go service. Subscribers have the option of upgrading, downgrading or canceling their annual service at any time.

  2. How do I download the Mobicip Safe Browser?

    To download the Mobicip Safe Browser and sign up for the service, go to

  3. How do I set up the Mobicip Safe Browser on a device?

    To set up the Mobicip Safe Browser on a device:

    1. Ve a la página Mobicip Support página.
    2. Select your device under "Device Setup."
    3. Sigue las instrucciones en pantalla.
  4. Where do I go for support?

    To learn more about Mobicip and get additional assistance, visit the Mobicip Support página.

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