Preguntas frecuentes sobre Carryover Data

Información general

  1. ¿Qué es la Carryover Data?

    Carryover Data es una función que conserva tu data no usada en tu cuenta de forma automática hasta la finalización del ciclo de facturación del siguiente mes. When you use less data one month, you can use the data you carry over into the next month without paying more.

  2. ¿Quién es elegible para la Carryover Data y cuánto cuesta?

    Carryover Data is included for no additional charge on all sizes of the nuevo Verizon Plan.*

    Carryover Data can't be added to any other plans at this time.

    Note: Carryover Data is also available on select older plans for standard accounts and prepaid accounts. Those plans are no longer available to sign up for.

    *No aplicable en tallas unlimited.

  3. ¿Durante cuánto tiempo conservo mi Carryover Data?

    La Carryover Data se vence al finalizar tu próximo ciclo de facturación. For example, if you don't use your entire data allowance in March, that unused data will be available to use until the end of your April bill cycle.

  4. ¿Dónde puedo ver cuánta Carryover Data tengo?

    Depende de qué plan tengas.

    • The new Verizon Plan - The Data Hub screen of the My Verizon app on your phone tells you how much Carryover Data you have from the previous month. También te informa la cantidad de Carryover Data que has usado.

    • Eligible prepaid monthly plan - Your Carryover Data will be included in the overall Available Data you see for the current month in My Verizon.
  5. ¿Qué tipos de data son elegibles para acumularse?

    The following types of unused data can be carried over each month. If you have multiple types of Carryover Data available, they will be used in the order listed below:

    • Datos adicionales
    • Asignación del plan mensual
    • Regalos de data*
    • Data Boost
    • Overage sin usar (si Safety Mode no está activo)

    *Not applicable for prepaid accounts.

  6. ¿Debo usar mi Carryover Data antes de usar mi asignación de data mensual?

    If you're on the new Verizon Plan S-M-L sizes- You'll begin using your Carryover Data after you've used all of your monthly data allowance.

    If you have a qualifying prepaid plan
    - Your Carryover Data will be added to your account's Available Data. As you use data, it'll be deducted from your overall total for the month.