Pie 9.0 for Android™

Release Date: August 2018
Note: The date Pie is available on your device will vary. Each manufacturer determines which devices and features they'll update and the schedule.

Key features of Pie (Android 9.0 release)

  • Adaptive battery learns how you use your device and distributes battery power to the apps you use most, when you use them.
  • Adaptive brightness learns how bright you like your screen in different situations and automatically adjusts throughout the day.
  • Gesture navigation makes it easier to switch between apps with gestures instead of buttons. Swipe sideways on the Home button to switch between apps or swipe up to see your recently used ones.
  • App actions feature learns how and when you use certain apps and predicts what you need at a certain time. For example, plug in your headphones to automatically open up a music app.
  • Notification enhancements for messaging: Now, messaging apps can provide suggested 'smart replies' in the notification, so you can respond in a tap. Plus, any inline reply drafts won't disappear if you navigate away, and you'll be able to see images sent from your friends' right in the notification.
  • Slices are interactive shortcuts to your favorite apps that appear right in your search results. This lets you access important app functions without having to open the app..

Updating to Pie on Your Device

Consulta la Dispositivos avanzados - Actualizaciones de software page to see if Pie has been released for your device or if an update is coming soon.

Los pasos para ver la versión actual del SO varían según el dispositivo. A continuación te mostramos instrucciones generales que funcionan en la mayoría de dispositivos Android. For detailed instructions about a specific device, please check your device's Guía del usuario.

Para verificar la versión actual de tu SO Android:

  1. Abre el menú Settings de tu dispositivo.
  2. Toca la opción About Phone o About Device.
  3. Oprime Android Version para ver información sobre la versión.

Has encontrado correctamente la información de tu versión.

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