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    Apple Music Signup Issues


      I have been trying since this morning to add Apple Music to one of my three eligible lines (I am on Beyond Unlimited). I have spoken with Apple for almost two hours as well, and still am not able to use Apple Music on this one line/device (iPhone Xr).


      I have logged out of all Apple related services on the device (Apple Music, iCloud, everything that has my Apple ID). I have also removed and re-installed Apple Music.


      I was able to login to the Verizon website and *ENROLL* the line, I also got the text telling me to go to applemusic.com/carrier -- I do this and I am presented with an error that states "You don't have an Apple Music membership with mobile service provider". The only option I am able to then click is "OK.


      I am NOT subscribed to Apple Music via Apple either, so that is not the issue. It seems that Verizon *thinks* I am enrolled, but it seems that information is not being passed to Apple, as Apple has confirmed four times now that there is NO subscription active for this device/APPLE ID.

      The only option I am being presented if I want to subscribe to Apple Music, is to do so directly through Apple. I have another line which was already enrolled in Apple Music, and is on the last month of the 6 month trial -- which I have been told will roll over to the "included" version of Apple Music once the 6 month sub finishes. The line I am having issues with however *is not* *has not* been active with the 6 month promotion.


      The only option I see now for the line is to "opt out" of Apple Music, which I do not want to do, as I fear it will block me from re-adding it. NOBODY at Verizon seems to care about working with me to find a solution. I changed to this plan, which cost me a bit more than the one I was on already (but it was worth it to have several lines with Apple Music included) and thus far it seems all Verizon wants to do is point the finger at Apple, and Apple has been more than forthcoming with me, and states that the issue IS ON VERIZON's end.


      It also seems that Verizon does not empower their associates to take any level of ownership over customer related issues. It' really sad, because I don't often need to engage with customer service, but the past few times I've had to, it's been tremendously AWFUL. If it were not for the fact that their service works everywhere I go, I would leave for another provider immediately, but at some point the poor customer service will be enough to make that a reality anyhow.


      Someone at Verizon, who has some authority, an independent mind of their own, and the ability to read, listen, and resolve is requested to assist with this, as I know I am not the only one who is facing this issue.

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          I am having the same exact problem. I was on the phone for a few hours with Verizon today trying to resolve the issue. I moved up from a grandfathered plan to the Beyond Unlimited today to take advantage of this offer.


          Like you, I kept getting the message "You don't have an Apple Music membership with mobile service provider".  Support ended up telling me to wait 24 hours to see if the issue fixes itself.


          I think its on Verizon's end because before the "You don't have an Apple Music membership with mobile service provider"message pops up apple music is contacting the mobile service provider to validate the subscription. Looks like it can't be validated with Verizon. So maybe waiting for the system to update will fix it. I hope this issue gets resolved soon. 

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            I ended up getting it working last night after a reading a post elsewhere. It seems if you're using the ESIM (on iPhone XS, XS Max, or Xr) that is causing the issue. I swapped from ESIM back to a physical SIM card and was able to activate/link the subscription. Swapped back to ESIM and it's now working.


            If however you're not using an ESIM, then I have no suggestion, as I tried literally everything short of wiping and resetting the device, but if you are using ESIM and have a Verizon SIM to swap back to long enough to link with applemusic.com/carrier then you should be good to go.

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              Lol, I just swapped to the ESIM the other day and removed my sim card.  If I put the sim back in do I need to have Verizon activate the physical sim or is just putting it back in my iphone xs max good enough?  Thanks for following up.

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                Yes you will need to re-activate with a regular physical SIM, as the device needs to be activated (via the SIM) to link it to the billing portion of Apple Music. I activated my physical SIM via chat, linked/activated Apple Music, then swapped back to the ESIM with the same chat rep. Took about 10 minutes total. It's a bit of a pain in the rear end, but so far seems to be the only fix, unless Apple/Verizon fixed/fixes in the latest iOS update that was just released today, though I'm not sure it's an iOS issue.

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                  I was actually able to get apple music to work by just sticking the sim back in the phone long enough to finish the apple music setup. Thanks again for sharing the fix. Hopefully tech support sees your post on how to fix this issue. I'm sure there are others out there experiencing the same problem.

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                    Did you have to activate the SIM, or you were just able to insert it and it worked? If so (and it didn't require re-activation) it may have still had your device info stored on it (if it was previously used in that device), or maybe just a SIM (Verizon) being present is/was required. Glad you got it working. I already sent them this on social media, and via their Executive Relations team, so hopefully they get it fixed so it works 100% with just ESIM.

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                      I did not have to reactivate the sim.  It was the original sim I had installed in the device when I moved to the ESIM. When I put the sim back in the phone it asked if I wanted to add a new line and I told it no. Went into the Apple Music and it allowed me to link my Verizon account.  Once I completed the Apple music setup I went ahead and removed the sim and have had no problems.  Seems like Apple music needs to see a physical sim for it to activate with a carrier plan. 

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                        I can vouch for your last sentence. I have a sim in my Xr and I signed up for the offer the first day it came available. Mine was set in about a minute.

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                          FYI after you do the latest update ESIM will work to activate the Apple Music.