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I have five children and have been raising my oldest son's best friend for over 6 years, so....actually, I have six children!!! They are ALL so amazing and the best accomplishment of my life. I am a stay at home mom for the time being but plan on furthing my education when my two youngest children begin school. I graduated in Frostburg, Maryland-Class of '98!! Definitely ready to get started and provide for my children more than what I've been capable of. Since I am at home ALL the time AND ALL of my family is in MD, I have become what one might call a 'HERMIT', LOL, I giggle but it is so sadly true. I know once I pursue my goals I will break away from my anti-social shell fairly quick. I began working when I was 15 years old in fast food. When I moved to my present location I was a server at Red Lobster for 7 years and then at TGIFridays for 2 years so I do know I can adapt as soon as the time is right:) ...until then, lovin' life with my sweet darling kiddos!!
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