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Carryover Data Scam?


Surely other Verizon customers have noticed the false advertising and service scam Verizon has set up w/ their new "carry-over" data plans.

The false advertising about the carryover data on Verizon's new plans is unacceptable.  They advertise that any unused data will carry over and is eligible to use until the end of the next month's billing cycle.  Instead of being honest and upfront about the service they provide and its limitations, they give the idea that you'll benefit from carryover data every month if you are under your data allowance.  This is FALSE.  They've creatively found a way to deceive their customers and limit the benefit they truly have access to.

If you do not use all your monthly data allowance, they tag it onto your data allowance for the following month.  So let's say you are under by 1GB of data in July, they will tag on an extra 1GB of data in August... but what they conveniently hide under layers of incomplete and inaccurate advertising is the fact that you have to use all of your monthly data allowance in August before you begin to use the 1GB of extra data from the previous month.  This means that you're really only eligible for carryover data every other month.  If you have carryover data in July, you have to use that extra data by the end of August otherwise it expires, but in order to use that extra data you have to use all of your monthly allowance in August first before using the carryover data, thereby eliminating any possible carryover data from August into September.

Not only is it offensive that they think their customer base is stupid enough not to notice this cheap ploy to offer something while only actually offering a portion of the claimed benefit, it's bad business and false advertising to suggest that you offer carryover data every month when in actuality customers could only use it every other month.

As a Verizon customer, I'm insulted and frustrated by this bad business ploy that you're hiding under layers of false advertising.

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Who I have the same questioned this topic