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False 411 calls charged to my bill


So, I just checked my bill and was surprised that there were around 30 411 calls listed (and charged) on my bill. I have never made a single 411 call (this is my first month of service). I have already paid my bill, but when I noticed the charges, I searched for others who have had similar experiences. It turns out there are a number of of people who have had this problem, and Verizon Wireless Customer Service has not been helpful in resolving the issue, often commenting that the calls were valid. I have yet to speak with a representative since it is after hours of operation, but I just would like to make this known. Before anyone asks, no one else used my phone, I didn't accidentally call 411, and the calls that preceded the 411 calls were contacts in my phone that I call regularly.

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Who I have the same questioned this topic