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Nonstop dropped calls Bergen County NJ


Over the past several months, I have experienced an unacceptable rate of dropped calls.  The time of day or evening does not matter. It can happen at any moment, whether I or a friend/relative initiate a call or a call-back.  I live in Bergen County, very close to Manhattan. Ejemplos:

  • A conversation with my sister, she in Naples, Florida; 10 dropped calls in 12 minutes
  • A conversation with my friend, in Rockland County, the week of June 29, three dropped calls in about 10 minutes
  • A conversation with my niece in Tampa in late June, at least seven dropped calls in ten minutes
  • A conversation with my mother in nearby Connecticut (July 7, 2020, ending 7:10 pm), three dropped calls until we finally were able to talk for a few minutes.
  • Multiple conversations throughout the week with my husband, who works in NJ just ten miles away from our home, and is a Verizon customer, and whether he is in his office, in his car, on his landline, or on his cell phone:  drop, drop, drop, call back, call back, call back.

Verizon, why can I sometimes have a ten-minute conversation with someone with  no problem, and then have countless interruptions of dropped calls. THIS PROBLEM DID NOT EXIST SIX MONTHS AGO.  And please don't blame it on COVID-19, because I know Verizon customers who do not  have this problem.

Who I have the same questioned this topic