BOGO early payoff


I bought a Samsung Note 9 on BOGO last August.  I attempted to payoff the devices early just yesterday.  I did not attempt to migrate, cancel, upgrade, etc. anything to the account.  I simply wanted to pay off the devices.  Why is it that I am being charged for both phones?  I can understand if early pay off led to account closure, cancellation, upgrade, or any other kind of change.  That, however, is not the case here.  Everything on my account continued as usual.  Why did paying off the BOGO not pay off both devices?  I could understand if paying the devices off early led to a loss in revenue to you due to missed interest, but me paying off the device now was the exact same amount of money as if I were to continue to pay out the devices over the next 10 months.  This is a terrible way to do business.  This makes for a horrible experience to your customers, and I still can't wrap my head around this.  Now I am out 450 dollars.  I essentially paid it into nothing and I can't seem to recoup it.  Monetarily I filled my obligation with these devices.  Contractually I still have both lines active and the account is in good standing.  If I ran a business in this manner I wouldn't have a business for very long.  Can anybody provide a reasonable, sensible answer because to this point I have not received one.

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