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4G LTE Network Extender does not work with iPhone XR


I recently installed a SLS-BU10B Network Extender in my home network.  It works OK with a Pixel 2 phone.  However, for the iPhone XR phone it worse than before the extender.   The iPhone shows 4 or 5 bars when not making a call.  Dialing #48 does say that the phone is under Network Extender coverage.   However, when dialing, the call either does not go through or it drops down to 1 bar.   The extender appears to indicate 1 connected user at first but then shows 0 connected users for the rest of the call.  Additionally, when people try to call there is often no ring and also no missed call indicated. Below is some more diagnostic information:

  • NE Software Version:
  • The following is enabled:  Settings>Cellular>Options>Enable LTE>Voice and Data
  • The manual says to Enable Advanced Calling in the "My Verizon" app.  However, this option does not appear to be available in the app.  It also does not appear anywhere when logging into the Verizon Wireless account.
  • iphone software version: 12.2
  • Wifi Calling is enabled, but also tried with disabled.
  • Phone signal without extender at home: 1 bar
Who I have the same questioned this topic