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VZW Samsung 4G LTE Network Extender 2 - Range and Whitelisting Configure by VZW Tech Support?
Received my VZW 4G network extender today with concerns and needs below. I was told by VZW a 2nd level rep two weeks ago that the range of the extender can be reduced from say 50 feet to say 30-35 feet and that VZW phone numbers can be whitelisted from the the VZW tech support end. Calling in this afternoon, different VZW tech rep says they have no information on that. I am in an apartment building, ground level, with foot traffic and a parking lot less than 50 feet away. For security reasons, I have a wired router (no Wifi) which using with the extender that has boosted my 4G dBm from 110-115 (1-2 signal bars) to around 75 dBm (5 bars). I have password protected the extender. Looking for the additional safeguards mentioned above to prevent unknown others from using the extender and my cable company's bandwidth for their calls, downloads, video, etc. Any advanced VZW tech or user insights into this?
Who I have the same questioned this topic