XS Max dropped calls after answering (2-3 seconds)


Seen a few threads regarding dropped calls on the Xr, however none on the XS Max. As stated, my XS max will suffer from "Call Failed" after placing OR receiving a call and the call is answered (2-3 seconds after answering). So far the only way to 'fix' this issue is to do a full reboot of the phone, but I've been having to do this daily.

For some background, this only happens during weekdays when at my work. The building I'm in does hamper signal quality to where I may lose data or drop to 3G, but rarely ever lose cellular service. I've received a few calls on my personal cell while at work only to have them drop and people think I hung up on them. The majority of my issues happens when I leave work and use my car system to dial my wife. I've since left the building and will be outside in a good signal area, but still have to reboot the phone to make any calls.

While this started out as a minor annoyance, this is a serious safety issue in the event I need to call 911 or contact someone quickly.

Troubleshooting efforts thus far:

  • Restart device (fixes issue for ~1 day)
  • Reset network connections - no help
  • Toggle airplane mode - no help
  • Remove and reinsert SIM - no help
  • Update iOS - always up to date, no help
  • Update carrier settings - no update available
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