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PC - Use Messages+ on your desktop PC

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      PC- How to Use Messages+ on your desktop PC

NOTE- If you are using a work PC, and not getting messages, then the app is likely blocked by your company's firewall.

We cannot troubleshoot this issue unfortunately.

Verizon Wireless customers can use the Messages+ app on 1 mobile phone and 4 additional devices. 

PC VERSIONS - Which one is right for you?

(Go to Main Menu>About to find your app version.)

1) Windows Vista & Windows 7 - (Desktop only )– install the app (Version  from the link below.

Uso lo 'Download Desktop App' button on the Verizon Wireless website.



IF the app does not run automatically, CHECK THIS: Go to the properties of the download;

On the 'compatibility' tab select windows 7 or 8.1  and run in compatibly mode.

2) Windows 8.1 users (Desktop and Tablet Only)– install the app (Version  in the Windows store.

Verizon Messages – Windows Apps on Microsoft Store

3) Windows 10 users (Desktop and Tablet Only)–  use the Windows 10 app (Version in the Windows store.

Verizon Messages – Windows Apps on Microsoft Store

4) Windows 10 users (Desktop, Tablet and Phone ) Expected Fall 2016 (Version in the Windows store.

ONCE YOU INSTALL THE APP: security code will be sent to your mobile phone with directions. The code is used to link your devices together.

How to get your MOBILE CONTACTS onto your PC app :

1- Backup your contacts on your phone to your VZ Cloud account on your phone. Then, on the PC, select CONTACTS in Main Menu (3bars) to import your contacts.

IF this does not work for you...

If your Google or other contacts do  NOT load to the Tab/PC you can imported them.  BELOW are steps that will help you import contacts to the Tablet and Desktop. 


First, back up your contacts on the phone to your FREE VZ Cloud account. VZ Cloud is pre loaded to your phone, or you can download it from Play Store. 

For Contacts that do not automatically port, you will need to export the contacts file from the mobile's native address book onto the desktop then to your VZ Cloud account. Once the contacts are in your VZ Cloud account, they will import to your Verizon Messages desktop program:

  1. Connect the mobile device to the PC > If prompted, select Media Device (MTP) or Mass Storage on the device
  2. From the device, navigate to the Address Book. 
  3. Menu key > Import / Export > Export to USB storage (note this may vary by manufacturer)
  4. From the PC, find your phone icon under My Computer > Search for VCF file, usually in root directory
  5. Copy this file to your desktop/or documents library

     Now, Go to www.myverizon.com  to import the contacts:

    1. Log in to (or create) your Verizon  Wireless account
    2. The screen header will show 'Shop', 'Support' and 'My Verizon'. HOVER over 'My Verizon' > then HOVER over My Device> then Select 'My Cloud Media and Contacts'
    3. You are now in your Cloud Account.
    4. Select ‘Contacts’ in the Left column
    5. Click on the Add icon (person icon with a plus sign)
    6. Click on 'Choose file'
    7. Choose Contacts.vcf file, then Open
    8. Contacts should be updated within 5-10 mins
    9. Go to Main Menu> Contacts on the Desktop to see contacts.


VERIZON MESSAGES FAQ:   https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/verizon-messages-faqs/

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