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Iphone XR dropping calls

Two new Iphone XRs, and both keep dropping calls immediately after connecting to caller. Within 2-3 seconds.

Seems to happen when leaving tower range? Will only work if I power phone on and off, then it will accept calls until I leave the area again.  It happens everywhere, every city, inside/outside, day/night.  Also loses internet signal, until I power phone on and off.

Talked to Tier 2 customer service twice.  Opened trouble ticket and they sent me a text a week later stating they determined I have "good signal strength" and suggested I "buy an extender".  Called Tier 2 again and asked to resubmit ticket and apparently they are refusing to look into matter further.  They are washing their hands of it while I continue to get dropped calls.  It's a joke.  And it's dangerous.  What if I need to call emergency services and can't connect?

It seems to be a system error.  Never had this problem with Verizon before.  Been a customer since they started business.  Been in same house for 20 years.  No problems until buying the Iphone XR in December 2018.  Ended up trading it for another one in case the first one was damaged.  The second Iphone XR is doing the same exact thing.

Tried all the resets via customer service.  Tried enabling/disabling LTE.  Tried voice/data on and off.  Tried data only.  Tried voice only.  Nothing fixes the problem.

The only consistent pattern seems to be dropping calls after traveling down the road.  Also seems to only happen when calling other Verizon customers.  People with other carriers like ATT and TMobile are usually able to connect to my phone.

It's not the service area signal because other family members can get a signal with their IPhone 6S and IPhone 5C.

I'm so sick of this, and not getting anyone from Verizon to take initiative to search out the problem. Ready to switch to AT&T.

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Who I have the same questioned this topic