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Why won't Verizon Block Spoofed (Fake) Caller ID ?

I get lots of calls from spammers (robocallers) that are spoofing the Caller ID. This makes it impossible to block phone numbers, since the same spammer can call me a thousand times with different caller ID.

So don't tell me that call blocking is a viable way to stop spammers from phoning me. Let alone ask me to pay for it.

VERIZON, AT LEAST Block any call with a non-working caller ID. I don't know whether a phone number is a valid working number or spoofed caller ID,  BUT YOU DO. IMHO, You're in the business of connecting legitimate phone calls, therefore, IMHO, you are in the business of BLOCKING  ILLEGAL PHONE CALLS.

The Internet Authorities instituted technology to validate a website before allowing browsers to connect. You could do the same. I'm happy to wait an extra few seconds for you to validate that the caller ID attempting to connect to my phone is a legitimate ID. You could take the incoming caller ID, verify against a database of active phone numbers and at my option, either block the call, or send to voicemail. Is that all that difficult? Of just too expensive for you to implement it?

And please stop with the Federal Do Not Call List. Aren't you aware that spammers can download the list free of charge from the government, and have in their hands a golden list of active phone numbers? And if they are spoofing Caller IDs, how can they possibly be tracked down? Or are you suggesting that I kindly ask spammers for their name, address and actual phone number?

Here's what you've turned my phone into. I pick up all my calls, but don't say anything. 99% of the time a person interested in speaking to me will say hello, or if sent to voicemail, will leave me a message. Robots will not connect to a spammer unless I initiate sound on my end of the call. And I've never had a spammer leave a voice message. Nice Job Verizon.

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Who I have the same questioned this topic