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$500+ Phone Bill - Does anyone know options/assistance to help me please get this paid?



I am a struggling, displaced, single mother with a four-year old, gainfully employed and due to a back to back chain of awfully painful events recently, while keeping a demanding full-time job, I have not been able to catch up on my phone bill.  This viscous cycle started a little over 2 months ago and I am besides myself at how much Verizon won't work with me.  I have never had my bill so high.

If anyone knows any options that I can utilize to pay this obscene amount down, due to being in a homeless shelter with my 3-year-old that is located on a camp ground facility in the middle of a forest in Northern Illinois that did not have good or any reception.  I had to use the internet when the library was closed, due to how demanding the interview process for the job I am currently at was and had to continue studying and research even after getting back to the camp because I needed to study all the time to make sure I got the job.  I make just over what most people who qualify for certain assistance, which makes me feel even more helpless.

I have never had to reach out like this, and there is way more to how this bill got so high, but my main priority is paying it and switching out of Verizon b/c they could care less if they lose a customer, such as myself, who has had a Verizon plan for over 10-years (I was literally told that in person when inquiring about this situation at a Verizon store recently). 

Any feedback would be so appreciated and I hope everyone has an amazing New Year! 

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Who I have the same questioned this topic