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File a Complaint against a local store


I am utterly at my wit's end.  I went to my local verizon store to upgrade my phone and walked out with an ipad as well.  I was completely lied to about the total cost.  I went back the following week to return the product but was "assured" by the manager that the credits would all be on my next bill and that I just had to wait.  I have the paper where he listed all the charges and nothing matches.  I called the store back and spent another hour trying to understand the charges.  I spent over $200 in the store that first day and then have an additional $200 one time charges on my monthly bill.  The representative is not able to tell me what my first $200 went towards.  He said its just very complicated.  I have been with verizon for over ten years and have never had this awful of an experience. I have been repeatedly lied to and I feel scammed.  I cannot believe this is how Verizon operates.  I tried customer chat and they told me to go to the store.  What am I supposed to do if the store is literally lying to me and refusing to clarify anything. I asked for the regional manager to contact me three days ago. NOTHING.  I do not know what to do. Please help.

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Who I have the same questioned this topic