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Warning: Don't Use Trade-In Program


In April 2018, I decided against my better judgement to use the Verizon trade-in program. I've always sold my phones on eBay previously with great success, getting top dollar for my phones which are always in pristine condition. With the Verizon promotion, the total amount they would pay for my phone was $245.  I could get around $300 on eBay, but decided that the extra $60 was not worth the extra hassle.

In the Verizon store, the employee looked over my phone and said that it looked good -- was in great condition.  He asked if I had my phone backed up and I said no.  So, he gave me a box in order to return the phone once I had finished the backup.

After I had everything backed up, I sent the phone back.

A few days later I received a confirmation email.  Instead of $245, they had given me $70 for my phone. They claimed the screen was cracked, but I can assure that it was in 100% perfect condition when it was sent.  Remember, the Verizon store employee inspected it himself before he gave me the credit amount!

I told the representative on the phone that I either wanted the $245 that was promised, or I wanted the phone returned.  For $70, I'd give the phone to my kids to play with... They tried to negotiate with me and offered $155 -- I declined... Even for $155 I'd rather have my phone back.  I told them the only two options I would accept was the return of my phone or payment of the agreed upon price.  The fact that they were willing to negotiate with me after they had already agreed to the $245 trade-in price was infuriating.

They told me that returning my phone was not a possibility... So, let me get this right.  They can agree to pay me whatever amount they want and I simply have to accept it no matter what?  They never asked me, "We can now only pay you $70 for your phone, will you accept this?" or "Your phone was not in the condition you described so we're returning it to you."  I simply have to trust their inspection?  Something doesn't seem right with this situation!  It's misleading to the nth degree.

I escalated the call and was told to escalate further they'd have to call me back.  Think I've received a call back yet?  Pues no.

I tried going to the Verizon store which originally initiated the upgrade.  They shrugged me off... Just told me to call customer service. 

After looking through online forums there is a constant barrage of negative experiences with the Verizon trade-in program.  Like, it's really really bad.

I'm going to be submitting a complaint to the attorney general in my state.  I'd suggest that all others who have been wronged by the program do the same.  Verizon cannot make false and misleading statements to consumers.  They cannot make promises and fail to follow-through.

To anyone else who is considering the Verizon trade-in program... Don't.  If you want the convenience of a trade-in, use a reputable one (Like Apple's Upgrade Program) or sell the phone yourself on an online marketplace. 

If you use the Verizon trade-in program, you're truly rolling the dice... If you don't believe my story, just do a quick search and you'll find hundreds (if not thousands) or similar situations.  Let this serve as your warning!

Who I have the same questioned this topic