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What can be done - my number is being used in a caller ID spoofing scam


A couple of times I have received phone calls from people that have a similar number, and each time they complain about receiving some sort of telemarketer/scam call with my cell # showing up on their caller ID. The latest one just happened today. In each case, of course, I did not make these phone calls. So after some research, I found out it's now a common practice for scammers to display people's legitimate phone #s on their victim's Caller IDs, instead of their own offending #.


I realize my choices are limited in this situation, but wanted to know if there's anything that can be done to stop this. Sure I can have my cell number changed, but contacting every family member, friend, colleague, school, doctor's office, etc.. that needs my number is a project & headache in itself. Especially since I don't have a landline and use my cell as my primary number.

So please let me know if there's anything that Verizon can be do to help rectify this, or if my only options are to live with it or change my cell number.

If it turns out there's nothing that Verizon can really do to help - then it's truly absurd to know that in this age of technological advancement, along with the incredible amount of money that phone providers like Verizon make, there's no system, app, or device that can be created to combat this. There could be something, for sure, take it from a software engineer like myself... but the question is would phone providers like Verizon invest money into something like this with the sole intent to help their customers, rather than make a buck off of it? I already know the answer, you don't need to remind me.


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Who I have the same questioned this topic