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iPhone 6 trade in for xR

I was supposed to get 450$ off for perfect condition iPhone 6S 124GB, 1 month later i still havent received a box to trade in my phone and my bill is 160$ for a single line, and further more I didn’t get a penny off the bill I called a representative and the girl told me “yeah it looks like 100$ is all you can get off” Verizon is a joke and a sad one at best, I’ll be switching to sprint for sure more affordable faster speeds and an actual customer support based business 

Re: iPhone 6 trade in for xR
Asistencia al cliente



I'm so sorry to hear we set up some false expectations about your bill and you still haven't received your trade-in box for your phone. This isn't the experience we want you to have with us and I'm determined to turn this around. I don't want this to be the reason you think about leaving us. I'd like to gain access to your account details, so I can better assist you. I have sent you a Private Message and I'll be able to further assist you there.