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I have an iPhone X since April 2018, I have the insurance on it, it costs me $13 a month to cover the phone.

I wanted to replace the back after I dropped it and cracked the back, the Verizon store told me it was a $200 deductible, I am so bummed, not that you can see it with the case on it, but when I go to trade it in, it won’t be worth full price, because it is flawed!

is there anyway to replace the back without going through the insurance??

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Re: Deductible

Community Manager
Community Manager

We can certainly understand wanting to ensure your phone can receive full value during a trade-in in the future, and are happy to assist. The only option, aside from an insurance claim, would be a 3rd party repair shop. This is not recommended as it is possible for a non-authorized repair to void your warranty. It is however, your device, and we want to make sure you know all the options.



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