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iPhone SE can't send or receive texts


On 7/23 I switched from my mothers (limited) plan to an unlimited plan with my father and brother (both iPhone 6) and since then I have not been able to send or receive text messages. iMessage works just fine, as well as calling and receiving calls from all phones, but SMS won't send or receive at all. Some phones, when trying to send me a text, will get a notification that it won't send, and I'll get the same one on my end. My brother had a few problems with it at the beginning and then it went away, and my dad only had that problem the first day but they were sending, he just couldn't receive.

I've reset the network settings, soft reset my phone, added +1 to all my numbers (I got it from another thread), and waited as long as I did (It's now 8/9).

Long story short, why won't my iPhone SE send or receive texts and how do I fix it? I'd like to do everything I can to avoid calling costumer service due to anxiety, so anything helps.

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Re: iPhone SE can't send or receive texts


Go to a Corporate Store and have them replace your SIM card.

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Re: iPhone SE can't send or receive texts

Community Manager
Community Manager

Emllymarie, making sure you can send and receive text messages is a must. Have you tried to call our customer service support to make sure there is not an SMS block on your line? Also, you can go into the settings of your iPhone and then tap on messages to make sure SMS is enabled as well.


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