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iPhone 7 - can’t hear calls and camera won’t work


We have taken my daughter's iPhone 7 to theGenius bar twice because you cannot hear anything when she either tries to call or receives a phone call. The first time they said maybe it was a bad backup so they had us do a reset and she reloaded all of her apps and contacts.  Same problem, so we went back and they said it was not the phone and to just reset the phone as a new phone and only save the contacts.  Just did that and  still have the same problem.  Also, the camera didn't work and still doesn't work.  Any thoughts?  I am getting really annoyed at having to go back a third time. Bought this in September 2016. Gracias.

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Re: iPhone 7 - can’t hear calls and camera won’t work

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Beckett1, It's truly disheartening to learn that your daughter has not been able to use her camera nor hear when making and receiving calls. Going to the Apple store multiple times with no resolution can be disappointing to say the least. I also want to thank you both for your time in completing the troubleshooting steps suggested. We definitely want to do all we can to help. Is she using the same Apple ID with the phone? What happens when she tries to use the camera? Do any error messages appear? You mentioned that you purchased the phone in September of 2016, have you protected the phone with the extended warranty option: (Manufacturing Defect)?


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