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Service outage 92004


How come we can not get a live chat to report a tower outage. For us who no longer have a landline. The service to Borrego Springs Ca 92004 has been down for about 3 hours, I know someone got a trouble ticket in. Just would like a ETA for service to be back up.

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Re: Service outage 92004

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry that you are having service issues in the Borrego Springs CA area, Charlie-504. No network issues are currently noted for your general area. We can take a closer look at your specific location if you provide the ZIP code and the nearest intersection to your trouble location.

You mention that a ticket has been submitted. Please provide the NRB ticket number and we'll be able to follow up on the status of that specific ticket.

What specific services are impacted (calls, text messages, data) and how?



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