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Junk calls


I sent this emailtoday to my congressman

Dear Congressman Morelle
Something need to done to control and reduce nuisance phone calls. Recently the number of unwanted phone calls to our cell phones has increased dramatically. Both my wife and my phone numbers are listed with the do not call list but this has resulted in no reduction in calls. We receive 12 or more call per day from unknown numbers. We do not answer the calls. I complained to Verizon and they offered a blocking program for our phones that would cost $2.99 monthly. If telecommunication companies have effective programs to eliminate this illegal practice .they should be required to offer them free to their customers. The illegal practice of junk phone calls is reducing the efficiency of the nations communication network.
Thanks for your consideration of this issue. Maurice


Re: Junk calls

Verizon allowing these dirt calls through my cell phone- it is going to be a time when I just nix Verizon out of spite.  You overpaid phone people have basically a strong arm on the public- can't wait till I do not need a phone to be on 24/7.  


Re: Junk calls

Asistencia al cliente

I apologize for the issues you are having with unwanted spam calls, soontobesprintcustomer. It would be sad to lose you a valued customer as we appreciate your business. Let me help you with your unwanted spam call concerns. Please note, all carriers are dealing with this issue, and we are doing our best to combat this problem. The concerns of unwanted spam calls are common that even the FCC is dealing with trying to overcome this issue that most people are experiencing. Do you try to block the calls on your phone when they come in? What is the make and model of your phone? Have you tried to register your number with the Do Not Call Registry? Here's a link to help you . Also, we have a free option for blocking these unwanted spam calls and here's a link with more details .

Also, please review this link that deals with Call Spoofing/Spam Calls that will shed some light of what other things we are doing as well as making suggests to you on how to address this known concern

Does this provide clarity?