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Cap on Go Unlimited Hotspot


Absolutely angry to find out AFTER switching to Go Unlimited from an 8GB/mo plan that Verizon throttles your hotspot to 600kbps! As far as I could tell, it wasn't the case on my limited plan and I NEVER used all my data. And the whole selling point of the Go Unlimited was it was cheaper for more data! Uh, sort of. As long as you don't want all the features of your technology. Nickeled and dimed at every turn. I see now that they say it in the comparison, but the chat agent didn't mention it to me when I switched. Seems like kinda something that should be front and center when you're talking to someone. So I've switched to Beyond Unlimited and am paying now more than I paid before on my 8GB/mo plan. Just proves Verizon terrible as much as the next company when it comes to giving people anything resembling a usable product. If somebody comes along who will take care of their customers, I will be the first to jump ship. Thanks for listening to my rant.

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Re: Cap on Go Unlimited Hotspot

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And they had the gall to post that the hotspot gets throttled to 600 kbps right on the webpage for all to read!   Imagine that!  

I mean look at that!  In black and white!   

Now if only Verizon had added the red circle like I did.  

FYI you can change your plan to the more expensive “beyond” plan, but it caps the hotspot at 15 gigs.  Or the “above” plan which caps hotspot at 20 gigs.  And as if to defy logic, they put that on the webpage also.  Also, if you change the plan online yourself, these details are listed for us.  If only we would read.


Re: Cap on Go Unlimited Hotspot

Community Manager
Community Manager

I rely on my plan to keep me connected and want to ensure your on the right plan for your usage, fdhill. We'd like to apologize that the correct expectations were not set regarding your plan details for your hotspot. You can update your plan to any of our current plans. You can review all plans here,



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Re: Cap on Go Unlimited Hotspot

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It tell you right on the plan page that it's capped at 600 kbps. It wasn't slowed in your tiered plan because you were limtied to 8 GB. You honestly think you are supposed to be able to use hundreds of GB at 4G speeds? In which world is that even logical?

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