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Bad Service Signal


I lived in my house going on 7 years and have always had the best service.  I work from home and need my cell phone.  My calls are constantly dropping now and I have no signal.  I called and was given a ticket.  I was then sent a video as to what  the issue is and a video.  Nothing helped.  I was told by my neighbor who also had Verizon that he was told by customer service that AT&T put up a tower that is now blocking Verizon's tower in our area and that Verizon has not plans to do anything about it.  What other options does Veizon offer, because a signal enhancer did not work for my neighbor.  Would this mean that I now have to change my cell phone carrier to AT&T in order to use my phone at home?  It is horrible to speaking to a customer and then my call drops, not once, not twice but mutiple times.  I no longer can use my phone on the second stroy of my home.  Can someone please advise?  7 years living in the same home and now there are issues with no resolution.  Thank  you!

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Re: Bad Service Signal

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Carlaeo9, it breaks our heart to see you in this dilemma, customer satisfaction is our number one priority, especially when it comes to signal and coverage quality. When did the issues start? You mentioned that the signal enhancer did not work, what exactly happened when you tried to use network extender? Are you familiar with Wi-Fi Calling?



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