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Loud Piercing Noise While On a Phone Call iPhone 6s Plus


While on a call, using the ear speakers, there was a sudden, extremely loud, piercing sound which caused me to shout in pain.  The person on the other end of the call did not hear it.  It stopped, then happened again about ten minutes later, the caller on the other end did not hear it but my husband heard it coming out of the ear speakers and he was sitting ten feet away from me.  My phone was not plugged into a charger and I was not touching it.  It was as though a surge created a high amplitude, high frequency noise.  I'm afraid to use the earbuds again.  ¿Qué está sucediendo?

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Re: Loud Piercing Noise While On a Phone Call iPhone 6s Plus

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Based on posts in the related topic, a loud noise is being heard by users of different brands of smartphones on different carriers, so it isn't something unique to Verizon Wireless or Apple.

Is it possible that the noise is feedback? I, myself, have not experienced any odd sounds while talking on my Samsung Galaxy S4, but, my mom, who uses an auxiliary amplifier on her landline telephone, has the volume cranked up.

If she shifts the handset while talking, you get a loud piercing squeal because the sound from the earpiece is being reflected off of her head and being picked up by the mouthpiece.

Due to the telephone's use of something called "side tone"  this creates a nasty loop similar to what happens if you turn on a room PA system, crank up the volume and hold the microphone in front of the speaker.

But all of this is only a guess on my part.