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Has anyone else seen their expected ship date change to "Processing" then back again to the Oct 3rd date?


After trying unsuccessfully to preorder my new iPhone 6 Plus at launch time because my order screen kept freezing on me, I finally ordered my 6 plus on Sept 12th at 6:15 AM EST. My ship date has been Oct 3rd for quite a while now. When I checked it this morning at 6:00 AM I was pleasantly surprised to see a paragraph written in red that said my order was in process and to check back in an hour for more details. I was very happy because this obviously meant that my order was finally being prepared for shipment. I was even going to do some research and see if Fed-Ex delivered on Saturday or if I would have to wait until Monday to receive my 2 day delivery. I checked again just now to see if I had a tracking number either on the order status or I thought maybe the email went in to my spam folder. I can't believe my order is back to showing an expected ship date of Oct 3rd like the whole thing earlier was a dream or something! Very disappointing Verizon!!!!!!!!

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