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"Unable to authenticate your phone"...


I had attempted to change my number...again, because the number I had changed to originally was receiving a bunch of calls from collection agencies looking for whomever previously owned the number, as well as other calls.

When I shutdown my phone and turned it back on...the same number was still there. So I rinsed and repeated a few times only to get the same result. I then attempted to log back into my account and it wouldn't allow me (thankfully there is a dual sign-in, numbers and usernames).

So I get that unable to authenticate message whenever I attempt to make a call. And then when I attempt to do the #8899, I get the same exact message.

And when I log into myverizon, I get this:

We apologize for any inconvenience

Se produjo un error al procesar tu solicitud. Vuelve a intentarlo más tarde.

Any ideas....



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Re: "Unable to authenticate your phone"...

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The two posts above may help you.

Good Luck