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My car charger burned me, what do I do?


I bought this charger from Verizon when I bought my iPhone 5, about 6 months ago, and now every time it's plugged in the port gets extremely hot. It gets so hot that it turns the rubber covering into a sticky melted mess. My boyfriend was using it in his car and when he came out of work he said it burned his fingers. I thought it might have just been because it was plugged in all day. I plugged it into a different outlet and after about five seconds of holding it, it burned me too. I also thought maybe it's just the car, so I tried it in two other cars, in both ports, and it's still burning me. Will Verizon replace it?

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Re: My car charger burned me, what do I do?

Líder Sénior

I would think they'd replace it under warranty; they at least need to know it's defective.

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