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I miss AT&T


Something I never thought I'd say, but I do.

Last year I had a problem with 3G speeds on my iPhone 5, and was told that it must be the network (no way!), but that 4G was coming soon.  I also said that reception where I live was not good (I had a full signal with AT&T in a rural area - we just got DSL internet 5 years ago), and that we got many dropped calls whether inside or out.  The technician told me that when LTE was implemented, it would increase the range of their signal, which would improve my satisfaction at home.

Well, LTE went into place about two months ago, and the signal is even worse.  I averaged probably 1.5 bars on the 3G signal and now get less than one, making phone conversations painful, that is if they aren't dropped.  While AT&T has improved it's signal in rural areas (based on friends who have AT&T and frequent the same places I do), Verizon has gotten steadily worse. 

Of course, they are more than happy to sell me a $250 network extender!!!  No thanks!  My contract is up in about a year and a half.  If the service hasn't improved, I will bid you farewell!

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