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Calls dropping a lot Poor Reception etc


Been with Verizon a while now, after switching from AT&T and their poor reception.  Anyways, I have a iPhone 5s and have been making phone calls while walking around in my neighborhood (zip: 90027).  And I've had a real hard time this last month.  Dropped calls or poor reception, etc.  I am wondering if there's anything I can do to my phone to improve the reception when I walk around the neighborhood and catch up with my family back east. I know one bit of advice would be to "not move while you're on the phone" but that's not exactly what I'm looking for.  ¡Gracias!

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Re: Calls dropping a lot   Poor Reception etc
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We want to make sure your phone is working great for you! How many bars of signal is the phone showing when it is dropping? Are there certain locations in the neighborhood where it seems to happen more than others? Try this http://vz.to/1E0iLpG


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Re: Calls dropping a lot Poor Reception etc

I have very poor reception in west Indiana near Roachdale.  I have to use an extender in my house to receive and send calls, and on the road I am lucky to get any reception.  Why has Verizon not installed additional cell towers in this area?