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unlock necessary for using 4s and 5s in thailand?


We have several older iphones (a 4s and a 5s) that we want to use for an upcoming trip to Thailand.  They were given to us by family and do not have SIM cards.  Is it necessary to unlock or jailbreak in order to be able to use with a Thai cell service provider?  The Verizon store people said they can not help with anything older than a 6.

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Re: unlock necessary for using 4s and 5s in thailand?

Community Manager
Community Manager

We always want our customers to have options with using their phones for travel. We are here to help review your options. The iPhone 5S is not locked to our services, so you should be able to activate it with a provider in Thailand.

However, the iPhone 4S is locked to our network. The only way to get the phone unlocked is to activate it with a current Verizon Wireless phone number. Then contact our Global Support department at 800-711-8300 to review the unlock process with them. We understand that you stated that it is not currently activate with us, but that process can only be done with an active line.


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