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suspending service


do you have to disconnect all services when sending a phone back to apple? verizon says they(apple) can swap phones out when the service is suspended. apple says they can't. verizon then says they will charge me an early termination fee even though i bought the phone from apple not verizon. has anyone else had this problem?

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Re: suspending service

Asistencia al cliente

Hey there HellKitty,

I am saddened to hear that you are thinking about disconnecting your services with us.  We appreciate your support over the years and I would like to see what I could do to continue our relationship for many years to come.

Is there anything wrong with your device or service that has you thinking about cancelling?  Please let me know so I can better assist.

I understand that you bought the phone from Apple, but if you paid the discounted pricing and signed a two year agreement, an early termination fee would be charged if you cancelled while still under agreement.

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