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Iphone 4 and prepaid plan


Today, I attempted to sign up my old iPhone 4 as a prepaid phone ONLY to be used for cell service (NO internet). After 2.5 hours of being jacked around by verizon, I discovered through Apple that no iPhone can be used without having a data plan. While Verizon insists you can, apple insists you can't. I told a Verizon supervisor this information from Apple, who also verified it to Verizon on the phone. Verizon maintains you can. They are full of shit and their responses are indicative of lack of training, customer service. Verizon jacks people around.

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Re: Iphone 4 and prepaid plan

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Te Iphone 4 is smartphone thus you have to have a smartphone plan for pre-paid. Which of course includes data. You can get either 2 GB for $60 or 4 GB for $70. Only non smartphones can sign up for pre-paid plans that don't included data. You can activate this service via this website so why bother with CS reps anyway? The site will tell you if you can activate phone and on a certain plan or not. No worrying about dealing with poorly trained reps.

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